Customer Recommendations

Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization
A Washington DC Partner for revitalization of education projects, OPEFM, offers their recommendation to SMK for their work manufacturing radiator covers for 36 schools.
Adobe Acrobat document [251.7 KB]
Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis
The Housing Authority for the city of Annapolis recommends SMK for their work in manufacting nearly 400 radiator covers in a modernization project.
Adobe Acrobat document [203.8 KB]
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Lancaster, PA
The Chairman and CEO of Certified Carpet, who represented St. Joseph's Catholic Church, offers his recommendation to SMK for manufacturing and installing radiator cover for their restoration project.
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Testimonal Photos

Customers have been so pleased with work done... they have requested their photos be shared for future customers. Pleasing our customers is what we do... ENJOY!


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  • Sue (Wednesday, August 18 21 12:16 pm EDT)

    We could not more excited to have 33 covers in our home. The house was built in the 1960's in Minnesota with covers which are still being installed...yuck. SMK and Frank were my savior to replace the old ones. Easy to install, clean and perfect for our grandchildren to stand on to look out the windows. Thanks for
    making every room beautiful.

  • Catherine T (Sunday, May 30 21 09:55 am EDT)

    We knew we needed to cover our dangerous radiators to keep our toddler safe. Frank helped us design and order radiator covers for our entire house (10+ covers), some requiring custom angles to fit in our 100 year old Chicago bungalow. SMK Enterprises was a pleasure to work with during the height of the pandemic and we absolutely love our new radiator covers.

  • Laurel Barrows (Thursday, April 08 21 11:28 am EDT)

    I ordered a radiator cover for my dining room and when Frank delivered it, was so happy I ordered three more which he measured on the spot. When he delivered those, I ordered five more, two metal and seven oak. I now have every radiator covered and they really finish off the rooms. Then house was built in 1911, has much unpainted woodwork and it all pulls together. Frank was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him and his company without reservation. If I could figure how to add pictures, I would have.

  • Frank Werts (Friday, May 22 20 03:08 pm EDT)

    We love these - we are so pleased with the craftsmanship. Take a look at our entrance! I'm looking at doing some others as well.

    Thanks for everything.


  • Frank Werts (Friday, May 22 20 03:00 pm EDT)

    Dear Frank,

    Anna Marie and I want to thank you for the beautiful radiator covers you made for our daughter Kedron's home. The wood radiator covers are like fine furniture. In the dining room they appear to have been made by the same craftsmen that made the dining table and chairs.
    I was equally impressed with the functional beauty of the metal covers.
    And finally, thank you for the careful delivery and installation. We appreciate the effort involved.

    Sincerely yours,

    Edward Cross
    Norfolk, VA.

  • linda a lamoreaux (Sunday, June 09 19 05:06 pm EDT)

    Frank did a beautiful job on our radiator covers.Quality work at a reasonable price and delivered to my home and placed in quoted time frame.I would highly recommend Frank and SMK Enterprises to anyone needing radiator covers.

  • Ellen (Friday, June 07 19 03:43 pm EDT)

    Frank made 10 radiator covers for our home and we love them! They are attractive and sturdy. Frank has great attention to detail and was a joy to work with during measurement and installation. We recommend him without reservation!

  • Brenda R (Tuesday, March 05 19 11:46 am EST)

    I have used Frank on several occasions for radiator covers. The covers are beautiful, well built and fit perfectly! Frank even went out of his way to deliver them to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Frank or use him again. Great business :)

  • Bob Powell (Thursday, December 20 18 01:03 pm EST)

    Thanks Frank. Glad I found you for our project. Hard to believe in todays world there are still businesses that operate the good ole fashioned way. On time, on budget, great product and service. And, fun to work with you during the installation. Thanks again. Bob

  • Taliya Adelstein (Wednesday, April 25 18 09:57 am EDT)

    We have had the joy of working with Frank over many years. We have a beautiful 100 year old home with more radiators thank we can count........Frank has created "perfect" beautiful and durable radiators for all 3 floors of our home. Some of them proved challenging and of course Frank rose to the occasion and created magnificent radiator covers for them. I'm only sorry we do not have any more radiators to cover. Frank has done them all and we have enjoyed getting to know him. We highly recommend Frank and SMK. Good people who do a great job are hard to come by...... Frank is a great person who does an outstanding job. Thank you Frank..

  • Mary B Stilwell (Saturday, April 21 18 10:44 pm EDT)

    What a wonderful experience. The covers are perfect. They are super sturdy. I love them. It was such a pleasure to deal with Frank and his company.

  • Robert Monniere (Friday, March 09 18 11:17 am EST)

    Great Product, Great Service! A worthwhile investment for any home. Thanks again Frank.

  • lyn (Tuesday, December 12 17 07:26 pm EST)

    Outstanding professional service and quality product. Frank designed and installed 11 radiator covers.

  • Bob Lees (Saturday, September 09 17 12:03 am EDT)

    If you need radiator covers for your home or office, look no further. Frank just installed two large metal covers in our home and they exceeded my expectations. The quality was high end and the price was very reasonable. Frank made the ordering process simple by coming to the house to take measurements and show us samples. The covers were fabricated on time and delivered and installed by Frank himself. Thanks Frank!

  • lynn Brinkman (Friday, May 19 17 01:19 pm EDT)

    Frank delivered my covers today. I ordered 1 wood and 2 metal covers. They are beautiful. He was easy to work with and delivered exactly what I was expecting. I love them. I would highly recommend SMK for all you radiator cover needs. Frank delivers.

  • Sue Walther (Friday, October 28 16 01:41 pm EDT)

    Mr. Werts delivered the three radiator covers I purchased this week. I really like the local nature of this company because in the past when I have bought radiator covers I had to do the measuring. With SMK, Mr. Werts measured, delivered and installed the covers which is very helpful. The radiator covers are beautiful and I am very pleased that I found SMK online.

  • Colette (Monday, August 01 16 02:37 pm EDT)

    It was a pleasure working with Mr. Frank Werts at SMK. He traveled to my home to measure for my radiator cover which I greatly appreciated. I received the cover within the time he promised. The
    radiator cover is beautiful and fits perfectly over the radiator. I'm glad that I decided to contact SMK and would highly recommend this company to everyone who needs a radiator cover.

  • John Strong, VP of Clark Construction Group LLC (Thursday, March 10 16 08:40 pm EST)

    After 10 years searching for radiator and hot water base board heat covers for my historic home in Southern Maryland, I finally stumbled on SMK and Francis Wertz on the internet. Product pictures and
    descriptions appeared to be just what I was looking for. Frank was easy to work with, explained his product well and made the final call on the size of the base board covers - all through email and
    telephone conversations. I have spent the past 44 years in the construction industry and can say without reservation that SMK and Frank provided a product and experience that was beyond my
    expectations in every way.Sheet metal gauge was heavy enough to support the shapes from the floor without attachment or dimpling - certainly added value if future maintenance is required to the
    heating system. Sizing was exact and the bending and ornamental cutting precise. The powder coat finish was professional and without blemish. The standard radiator cover is functional and
    aesthetically pleasing. Our discussions during pricing was for fabrication only and I was going to do the installation myself. I was concerned that the installation would be difficult due to the old
    baseboards, rolling out of level flooring and all the other issues that come with working in old historic homes. All my concerns were unwarranted. Frank delivered the product personally! Installed
    the product himself effortlessly and was on his way back to Lancaster Pa in less than an hour. He was joy to work with - and by the way, pricing was very reasonable.

    I wish I had more work that required the talents, skills and craftsmanship of Frank Werts and SMK Enterprises. There is no industry comparison to the quality product and experience. They stand

    Thanks Frank.

  • Ann (Nancy) Carpenter (Tuesday, February 09 16 01:04 pm EST)

    I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. Frank was a huge help in guiding my decisions. The cover was delivered when promised and it is perfect in my diningroom. Beautiful craftsmanship.

  • Bob Abel (Tuesday, November 24 15 09:26 am EST)

    Frank is an honest person and very good at what he does. I've had him make covers for me on 2 different occasions, and now all 6 of my radiators are covered. He even went so far as to replace one at
    no charge that he was not happy with.

  • Louise Fry (Tuesday, July 07 15 09:59 am EDT)

    SMK Enterprises installed new radiator covers for me last week. Frank did a great job. He was courteous and professional and very competent. We love our new covers.

  • Sue in Montgomery County (Sunday, March 01 15 01:57 pm EST)

    I am so pleased with my covers. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with!

  • Mark & Linda, Chester Springs (Monday, February 16 15 03:48 pm EST)

    Hi Frank,

    We wanted to again say \"Thank You\" for our two new covers, they are excellent and provide an up-scale look to the rooms. Our cat especially enjoys the new cover in the office, guess you could say
    the covers are \"Cat Approved.\"

    The other covers you made for us 14 years ago are holding up quite well.

    Great Job!

  • Deborah Armstrong (Sunday, February 08 15 09:00 pm EST)

    My tenant just sent me a picture of the cover…. Very pleased. It looks great. Thank you

  • Michelle Haynes (Sunday, February 08 15 08:56 pm EST)

    It has been such a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and
    customer service is so impressive! My custom radiator covers look
    wonderful and the final small one for the kitchen is perfect. Thank you
    for your attention to detail and quality.

  • Jack and Maryanne Guinan Ardmore,PA (Tuesday, August 05 14 07:53 pm EDT)

    Dear Frank:
    Jack and i are very pleased with the two wood covers as well as the two metals covers. We appreciate how you were so willing to redo one cover so that it was a better match with our dining room
    I would highly recommend you and your company for covers. Well done. Thank you

  • Chris Ruch (Tuesday, June 03 14 01:44 pm EDT)

    Thanks so much for the beautiful radiator covers that you created for Aspire Community Center in Mount Joy. They match the decor perfectly and give us lots of extra space to show off local artists'

  • Loretta Marsh (Tuesday, March 11 14 10:38 am EDT)

    The kitchen radiator really
    enhances the room.
    Mr Werts arrived on time
    and effortlessly installed
    the radiator cover.
    I would recommend the company and the products
    to interested consumers.

  • Michael Hebert (Sunday, March 09 14 07:58 pm EDT)

    Dear Frank,

    It was a real pleasure to work with you in choosing my replacement radiator covers. Your communication via email and telephone was excellent as I was deciding on size, design, and color. Your
    personal touch was appreciated. The covers are of high quality. Bravo and continued success!

  • Jim and Stephanie Coyne (Wednesday, February 26 14 10:51 pm EST)

    Working with Frank was smooth and efficient. He was very thorough and understood exactly what we wanted the cover to look like. We put it in our nursery and it really made the from look so clean and
    stylish! We have other covers throughout our house, but this one is by far more elegant then the others. Thanks again Frank!

  • Jonathan and Lisa Davis (Tuesday, December 31 13 08:01 pm EST)

    We are so pleased with our new heater covers! They are an awesome, vintage looking design, and so neat and clean. They were expertly installed and add to the look of our house. We highly recommend
    this company and product.

  • Andy Rowan (Saturday, November 30 13 03:22 pm EST)


    We are glad we came back for more radiator covers! The custom stain on the first ones matched our woodwork so well that it made us realize how much we needed to cover all the other radiators too.
    Everything looks beautiful and fits the character of our older home. The quality of the workmanship is great, and you even accommodated our uneven floor so that the cover sits level.

  • LWB (Thursday, November 07 13 04:49 pm EST)

    Dear Frank,
    We are very pleased with our three carefully crafted metal radiator covers. They will dress up our rooms and provide additional display space for family photographs. Thank you for the apparent
    attention to detail.

    Yours sincerely,
    Washington, DC

  • Bill Brown (Thursday, November 07 13 04:46 pm EST)

    Thanks again, Frank, for being a reliable and trustworthy artisan. As for a testimonial:

    "SMK Enterprises' radiator covers were exactly what I was looking for to cover our nearly 90-year old cast iron radiators after recent renovations. What I particularly liked was SMK's ability to
    manufacture covers to exact dimensions. Some providers I considered (and quickly
    discounted) offered fixed sizes that in order to accommodate the length
    I wanted would end up being too tall/overwhelming. Frank's order form
    and follow-up calls and emails ensured that I took the measurements correctly (I'll admit I was concerned that these would be built to 'my' dimensions... but it worked out fine!) and, sure enough,
    the three
    covers fit like 'gloves.' I highly recommend Frank Werts' SMK Enterprises if you're considering concealing your radiators. Frank kept me posted on the delivery time-line (right on schedule!),
    delivered the three units and ensured they fit properly. What more could you ask for? And, by the way, they got the 'approval' of our cats, too!"

  • Kevin (Thursday, November 07 13 04:43 pm EST)


    Thank you again for the wonderful radiator covers. We love them!


  • E.H.Murphy (Monday, August 26 13 02:11 pm EDT)

    The radiators are beautiful. The price is great, you deliver them (no shipping charges!) quickly and make sure they are exactly right. I was so pleased with the first one, I ordered 2 more, and will
    soon order another. At your suggestion, I ordered 2 in white with a black top, and they look great. Thanks so much

  • PJ Pecoraro (Thursday, August 22 13 08:39 pm EDT)

    The true test of a professional is if he or she is willing to do what it takes to get it right....Frank is that person! After my initial delivery of covers we decided that they weren't "exactly"
    perfect. Frank immediately and without hesitation took them back to his workshop and made the subtle adjustments and brought them back to my ultimate satisfaction. I'm awaiting 2 more metal ones for
    my upstairs but if they are anything like the wood ones downstairs I will be very satisfied! Stop looking, SMK is the place for you.

  • Peter Griffin (Friday, June 07 13 01:38 pm EDT)

    Just wanted to say thanks to Frank for doing such a great job on our radiator covers. We’ve been searching for radiator covers for years and thankfully decided on SMK Enterprises. I was amazed at the
    quality and the craftsmanship. The covers give the house a totally different feel and they are definitely worth the investment. Appreciate your work, Frank.

  • Bob & Barb Mellinger (Friday, May 24 13 06:55 pm EDT)

    Frank did a fantastic job of matching the wood finish and color to the existing wood work in our home. We had a combination of wood and metal covers installed and they all look great. We had friends
    over who had been to our house before and they immediately noticed the new radiator covers and remarked how they enhanced the appearance of our home. When Frank was installing them an engineer from
    UGI gas company stopped by to follow up on our hot water heating system installation. He immediately commented on the quality of the covers and said they were the best he'd ever seen. He also
    commented how they could more efficiently direct the heat out into the living area instead of rising up the walls. He felt the covers would save us money on our heating bill.

  • Joshua Savadove (Tuesday, March 19 13 04:01 pm EDT)

    Frank and team made my new bathroom complete. Very courteous, professional and really does a phenomenal job. Any slight fit adjustments (poor measuring on my part) were done quickly and accurately. I
    will definitely look to SMK to supply any other radiator cover needs in my home.

  • Lori LaPenta and Leo Matkins (Sunday, March 03 13 09:38 am EST)

    Thank you Frank for our stunning wood radiator covers stained cherry. The craftsmanship is excellent! We've received two covers and they are beautiful pieces of furniture - transformed our rooms.
    Your final product went beyond our expectations! We highly recommend SMK to anyone. Many thanks! Lori LaPenta & Leo Matkins, Wilmington, DE.

  • Linda Schiele (Wednesday, January 30 13 08:38 pm EST)

    Thanks Frank for the beautiful radiator covers. They make our living room and dining room look so nice! We will spread the word of your wonderful work!

  • Joe C. Wilmington, DE. (Wednesday, January 02 13 05:05 pm EST)

    Thanks Frank for everything. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Excellent craftmanship and customer service. Second to none. Frank went above and beyond to offer true customer satisfaction. You have a customer for life!

  • Shaun Browne (Tuesday, December 18 12 10:48 am EST)

    Thanks Frank for the great cover for our dining room! The first cover was damaged by UPS but Frank immediately sent us a replacement free of charge!

    When I renovate the rest of my house I'll definitely choose SMK Enterprises again!

  • Daniel N (Wednesday, October 24 12 09:25 am EDT)

    Attractive, well-made cover delivered by Frank just as described. Many thanks!

  • RB (Saturday, October 06 12 10:10 pm EDT)

    Hi Frank
    I received the cover today. It is much nicer than I expected! I love how
    you rounded the corners and inset the corner pieces, so it isn't just a box
    shape. I love the grille, so very pretty, and the paint job is flawless.
    Thank you, I am very happy with it, and I wish I had found you sooner!

    and I thank you for your honesty and patience in helping me with the


  • D.Randolph (Friday, September 28 12 06:56 pm EDT)

    I am so excited about my new radiator covers. What a big difference they made in the rooms. I ordered four of them for my first floor. Frank was very helpful helping me to pick the perfect style for
    my decor. I love the covers, they are beautiful. Frank is the most professional and caring salesman that ever entered my home. I will be ordering four more for my second floor. I tell you one thing

  • Michelle Haynes (Tuesday, June 19 12 07:30 pm EDT)

    Frank just finished installing my replacement baseboard heat covers and what a dramatic improvement! I can't say enough good things about the quality of the covers. Frank's a perfectionist which one
    seldom sees anymore. He was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend him!

  • Andy Rowan (Wednesday, June 06 12 11:44 am EDT)


    I just wanted to let you know that the radiator covers are beautiful,
    and fit perfectly. And the color is a close enough match so that with
    the natural variations in color in the wood around the room, it fits
    right in. Thank you!

  • Loretta Mickey (Wednesday, May 16 12 09:31 pm EDT)

    I got home from a vacation to a nice surprise of my radiator covers in place. They look even better then Frank explained. I have to keep going in the room to check them out and each time I marvel
    that this can't be my room. Frank is a pleasure to work with. He takes pride in his work and strives to please his customers. I plan on doing more radiators in my home and definitely will deal with
    Franks company and highly recommend anyone else looking for covers do the same can guarantee you will be glad you did.

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